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 Offlane doombringer?

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Offlane doombringer? Empty
PostSubject: Offlane doombringer?   Offlane doombringer? EmptyFri Sep 21, 2012 11:37 am

So I just had a thought: Why not offlane doombringer?

Pros: Doom has an innate farming skill, and when vision is

provided, he can always at least manage to gain the exp/gold given

by devour

Pros: Doom has a sick escape skill that is twice as long in

duration at lvl 1 compared to lvl 4 windrun which heals at the

same time.

Cons: squishy due to low armor but can be remedied by stout shield

and ring of protection

Cons: low mana regen that can be remedied by basilus

So I imagine this offlane doom would serve more as the role of

durable / initiator with centaur stomp skill, vanguard, AC and

teamfight oriented items such as pipe. So basically you build him

like darkseer, with less turtling power but more right click

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Offlane doombringer?

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