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 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview Empty
PostSubject: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview   Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview EmptyWed May 30, 2012 9:44 am

It's the 2012 edition of FIFA Vs PES. Who will win this year? Find out how PES 2013 is coming along with our preview.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview 327309

The inevitable, inexorable march of the football titans continues unabated. First to show its hand in this round is Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, Konami’s one-time king that has found its credit diminished and reputation dwindling throughout the generation of PlayStation 3.

Once again, we’re told ‘this time it will be different!’ and, as if suffering from Stockholm syndrome, once again we really do want to believe it. Bar FIFA, we have nothing else. We want PES 2013 to be good. We need it to be good.

The additions we see come in the shape of player control – sorry, PES FullControl – which should allow for more player motion, animation and ability, especially with things like controlling the ball.

Oh, and fully manual shooting and passing, which could either be incredible or horrible, really. 360-degree dribbling is further tweaked, while defending looks to be taking a leaf from FIFA 12’s polarising system.

Then, of course, goalkeepers are said to be improved – meaning less parrying directly to the feet of onrushing attackers.

The second ‘thang’ is Player ID, which basically boils down to more individual styles for players. Ronaldo runs really weirdly, Terry knees people in the bum, Gerrard is overrated – that sort of thing.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview 327308
Since Ronaldo is still the face of PES, expect him to be in every screenshot ever.

Third and final of the big additions is ProActive AI, which – well, you can probably figure it out. Better goalies; less illogical, stupid or cheaty computer opponents. Sounds both good and necessary, frankly.

So far what we’ve got is a bunch of buzzwords; meaningless without context and worthless without being backed up with solid in-game mechanics.

Konami is listening, that much is clear, and when a developer is as open and honest about addressing problems as the team is with PES 2013, there’s always hope.

Because, in case there’s any confusion or anything in need of clarification here, we want PES 2013 to be good. We need it to be good.

[Via NowGamer!]

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Preview

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