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 There are no jobs in the uk...

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There are no jobs in the uk... Empty
PostSubject: There are no jobs in the uk...   There are no jobs in the uk... EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 8:02 am

Im getting really depressed I've droped out of uni because I couldnt keep up with the workload as I have a newborn child and things have been really hard (not looking for sympathy) which made studying nearly impossible, anyway I've been job hunting forever people have been telling me to look for jobs and hand my CV out... only problem is THERE ARE NO FREAKING JOBS to hand my CV into! ANYWAY I recived and advert from a local job email subcription service I've signedup too, and on the email was an advert about joining the Royal Navy... it promised a good career and lots of added benefits.. tbh I am very tempted in joining I dont want to leave my family but theres nothing to do here we dont have much money coming in and I dont want to be a sad sap anymore I want people to respect me I want my son to see me as a role modle not a lazy git on the xbox all day.

Please give me your advice.. do you think it wise to join the navy? I'd ofcourse have to find out way more info but I really want to do something with my life.. and in todays economy its impossible.. even if I stayed at uni I probs wouldnt get a job for another 10 years.. there's always a catch every employeer wants experience.. but how can you get experience if no one will employ you. its a freaking catch 22.
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There are no jobs in the uk... Empty
PostSubject: Re: There are no jobs in the uk...   There are no jobs in the uk... EmptyFri Mar 23, 2012 8:20 am

My girlfriend is in a very similar situation, she's been at uni for a few years finally got her PHD and gone to hundreds of interviews and they want experience! It's just a joke how the system works these days.

Going into the Navy will take you away from your family the only advise I can give is keep trying and don't give up, keep getting the interviews and at the interviews tell them you don't have the experience but you have the education you've spent time and money getting educated and the only way I will get experience is by getting a job and that's why I am here!

I would hate to be in a position like this I considered doing a Uni course but then there are so many who graduated then there is nothing there afterwards. Just debt and no work.

Times are really hard in the UK especially getting a job you'd be better of spending every day searching for jobs, getting the interviews and hoping luck will land your way.

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There are no jobs in the uk...

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