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PostSubject: THE FORUM SHOP   THE FORUM SHOP EmptyFri Dec 02, 2011 9:48 am

Welcome to the Forum Shop

This is where you can buy or sell using your forum cash. Forum cash is earned in different ways, by making posts, making new threads, entering competitions or giveaways and some other ways!

Currently for sale in the Forum Shop

Like a Star @ heaven 48 hour trial code (7 available) - 650 cash
Like a Star @ heaven Your own forum rank - 500 cash
Like a Star @ heaven Your own forum rank plus image like the forum staff - 1000 cash

More will be added soon check back for updates. If you have a suggestion for the Forum Shop please go to this thread.

FAQ of the Forum Shop

How do I know how much cash I have?

This can be seen in your profile and is also displayed in your member information displayed to the left of all your posts

How do I donate cash to another forum member?

You are not allowed to donate forum cash to another member. Only the graphics team can recieve a donation for providing you with a new signature, avatar or other graphic request.

How do I buy from the Forum Shop?

To do this simply start a new thread saying 'I would like to buy...' and then in the post let us know what you would like to buy.

How do I sell in the Forum Shop?

If you would like to sell something simply start a new thread saying 'I would like to sell...' and then in the post you can say what you are selling and how much cash it will cost.

You must have enough cash before placing an order from the Forum Shop or it will be ignored!

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