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 MoP Checklist

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PostSubject: MoP Checklist   Mon Sep 03, 2012 2:01 pm

Hey guys! New here so hello!

Thought I would ask what you all thought I should

concern myself with for the MoP launch. Just started

playing my paladin tank 3 weeks ago (I stopped almost 2

years ago) and now have him up to a 382 item level. Not

too shabby for only playing for a few weeks!

Anyways, I know MoP is coming out in less than two

months so I didn't want to focus too much on raiding. I

have accomplished the LFR DS and Deathwing (which was a

lot of fun, but no where NEAR Kharazan!!) so I am not

too worried about missing out on a lot of content. Here

is what I thought would be prime:

1. Max professions
a. Especially if they are gathering!
b. PvPer's don't forget to max FA
2. Obtain Lawbringer set (Transblablabla)
a. Also get a cool 1-H sword
3. Help my Guild level up

That is about all I can think of. You see my dilemma?

Isn't there some quests I could accomplish and then

turn them in right after MoP launch? Also, I am not

spending any cash on any enchantments.

Anything you all have to add?
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MoP Checklist

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